My MIL started coughing a lot with some choking. She has been on Seroquel which helps with extreme outbursts. Hospice recommends that I keep her on the meds but these days it is clear that she swallows better without any medication. So here's my dilemma.....................discontinue medication (all meds make her drowsy at this point) so that she can swallow better
OR stay on meds to keep her calm but risk choking. Academically, I understand all this and am quite aware of puddings etc, thick-it, etc etc. We've also experimented with other meds, dosages etc.

Without meds she is angry, sometimes violent and is almost constantly awake................and she eats as much as I feed her with no choking.
With meds: she is a bit calmer, sleeps better, but chokes easily when fed.
Which is the more humane choice?
I feel like her life is in my hands :(
Right now she is screaming and swearing at the poor aide who came to give her a bath.

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Have them try a little Cogentin, Artane, or even Sinement to balance the bad motor side effects of the Seroquel, unless they (and you) are willing to try Buspar instead of the Seroquel. There are people who can't come off their antipsychotics, despite the side effects, and swallowing dysfunction is definitely one of those. Sorry you are between a rock and a hard place. I hope they are willing to try some kind of change for her. It almost always works at least halfway and often better.
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Thanks for taking time to read my post and I really appreciate your comments.

Hospice team and I have worked on this for quite a while. (She's been on hospice for almost 2 years)!!! No one expected her to live this long - including me. We are still trying to adjust meds etc but in the end it's a losing battle. Very low doses............and she's right back to pocketing food etc. I'm still experimenting with meal timing, dosage timing and amts, etc etc.

Just's so grueling sometimes.
I don't mean to sound disrespectful but ..............will this ever end????
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Windyridge is right, with my Dad, aspiration was a big issue, and we did all the thick-its, and puree, but my Dad was an eater, he Loved food, and it became very precarious finding just the right formula for giving him nourishment. Definitely consult with your Hospice team, perhaps they can find liquid Rx alternatives. Good luck and God bless!
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This should be discussed with her hospice care team. Seems like there must be a way to adjust the meds to her needs instead of all or nothing situation.
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