My Mom is 88 my Dad died a few weeks ago, he was 92. Right after his passing she was hospitalized with cellulitis in the leg for 4 days. She was discharged and was able to walk around the house with her walker as usual the day she got home. The next day after sleeping for about 17 hours straight she woke up unable to walk, and it’s just getting worse. She won’t talk to me, can’t walk, can’t move in bed, can’t do anything on her own. The home heath nurse and physical therapists say it’s depression but how can she be able to walk one day and not the next?

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It happened suddenly, so it sounds like something physical, like stroke.  Is it she won't get up, or can't.  I'm sorry for your loss, and this sudden change in your mother.
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I'm with JoAnn. What does her doctor say? I wouldn't be relying on the nurses' and physical therapists' opinions on this.
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Can she talk at all, or is she specifically unresponsive to your attempts to engage her and help her? Is she also unwilling to speak to her nurse and PT?
Did she have any problems physically or otherwise, before his loss?
My LO, who has moderate dementia, responded quite well to antidepressants when she was 86, following the devastating loss of her dearest sibling.
She has since entered a very nice nearby AL, and a very small dose of a second anti depressant/anti anxiety medication has been added, with reasonably good results.
if you have access to a comprehensive medical center, you might be able to find a psychiatrist, social worker or similarly trained professional with a specialty in geriatrics who could offer suggestions and potentially consider a trial of medication.
Did the nurse or therapist offer you any ideas for moving forward?
The effects of her loss are, of course, immeasurable. My grandmother lost my 79 year old grandfather when she was 69, and was never the same. They had been married 50 years,
Deepest sympathy to you both, and hopes that you will soon find something that will guide you to getting help for her.
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I think she needs to see a doctor to rule out a stroke.
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AnnReid Dec 16, 2018
I would hope that her nurse would have ruled that possibility out, but that was my first thought too.
I had no idea depression could do that to a person 💔
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She may have truly realized that her husband was gone and it caved her world in. It may all be depression based and she is just giving up.

I'm sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to your mom. We can not imagine the paralyzing fear of losing your spouse and being old unable to care for your self. I would lose my best friend as well as my husband, I might never want to get out of bed either.

Hugs, I pray you receive strength to deal with the future and grieving mercies. God bless your family.
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