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Um, that's very enterprising of you.

Your profile says you are caring for a family member and two others. If you're looking for a template contract and seeking advice, I guess you haven't previously done this on a commercial basis - perhaps you have experience of working in the care sector, or something like that?

The best source of advice, and I think you need to do this anyway, is probably your state's and county's websites. They will have sections which explain the standards that any facility (small or large) must meet, which should also help you make sure you've covered all the issues such as insurance and safety standards.

Good luck to you, I hope your business gets off to a good start and thrives.
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First check with the zoning offices in your city or county to see if it is a use by right. There is probably jurisdictional permitting necessary. Then contact an attorney for necessary licensing and contracts, liability insurance, etc in your state.

Nothing would be worse than moving a few elderly in, then having upset neighbors and having to find a place for these elderly unless you have done and had approved everything necessary.
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freqflyer Jan 2019
I agree 100% with Gladimhere to contact your local government.

There is a lot of red tape involved when starting up a business, especially one where you are caring for other people.

Hope everything works out.
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