Place of Worship now conducts 1/2 hour services from 11.30 to 12 noon with distancing and masking. Spouse had a horrendous bowel accident in the building's bathroom about 12 noon 2 weeks ago and Office Lady says that "bathrooms are no longer available for anyone to use". I believe it worth a try to time breakfast to complete at 9.30 instead of 10.30 or 11 just prior to setting out for the service this weekend. Would anybody have experience or feedback for this suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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Pronker, I can understand your concern, and think that (a) timing and (b) choice of foods are the key to this situation. I'm sure that you're not the only one who's thinking about addressing bathroom pit stops with so many buildings having been closed; it can literally dictate our routes and choices of places to go.

I would consider not only your suggestion of an earlier timing, but also the night before, just to make sure everything's accomplished and you're not late or dealing with a surprise event before departure.

Raisins and nuts are good motivators, and they're both healthy. A good blend of them plus less "active" foods can be discovered with some practice. Experiment at home to determine how long they, or other foods such as fruits, take to react, and then time backward accordingly from your planned departure time.

I also think you're not alone in considering the options surrounding these events, and I hope your spouse recognizes that it was an event that was probably beyond anyone's control.

I'm reminded how easy everything was when buildings were open and public restrooms were available. I always used office buildings; they're cleaner than some restaurants and used to be easily accessible before building restrictions were put in place.
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pronker Jun 2020
Excellent reply, thanks - the timing is super critical with him. I'll spare everyone the details, but I'm 89 percent certain they needed to call a plumber. :( After 21 years attending, I think they need to cut him some slack, but it was still a trial.
@JoAnn29 I am calling it that because it fits what our bodies do especially after breakfast, when the gut hasn't had any activity for quite a long time - it's not an official term or anything that I know of. Spouse lacks 1/3 of the colon from a 1999 operation and so his meal-to-bathroom time is short. This weekend's service went okay even though Spouse ate about 11 a.m. It's not a 100 percent predictable thing. :S
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If it was me, I would watch the service from home. Most Churches now stream services for shut ins.
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pronker Jun 2020
Thanks for replying - there is a Zoom this Wednesday, so perhaps he'll try it. Do you have experience with gastrocolic timing?
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