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If any carpet, wood floor, fabric, etc. has urine I use Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer (can be bought from Amazon, Chewy, etc.). It's a bacteria-based formula that produces enzymes which will remove human urine as well as pets.

As JoAnn posted, Clorox is great for the bathroom. Bathroom rugs (after removing any solids) can be put in the washing machine and dryer (don't dry too long if it has a rubber backing).

I keep a bed protector on my Mom's bed because she does have accidents.

Good luck! Jenna
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I may have gone overboard with Luz but I used a wet 7 dry vac on carpet and a mop in the bath room. Then, if it was just urine on the carpet, I would spray water on the spot and vacuum again. Scrub with a spray carpet cleaner and vac a again.
If it were loss of a BM on the carpet, that got picked up carefully and flushed. Then on to the spray carpet cleaner and the vac.
Usually when everything had dried I would use one of the powdered carpet fresheners and let it set a few minutes then vac with the regular vacuum.
Of course all or any of this was done after I cleaned and hugged her.
The house never has had any lingering odors.
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Any cleaner with Clorox in it should be OK. If sheets are bleachable then bleach them. Hopefully you have protection on the mattress. Rugs just need to scrub with a cleaner.
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