So after your love one dies what do you do with Social Security? The funeral home told us nothing it gets filed automatically. But yet in their booklet it says you must file within 30 days with their W-2? Can anyone help me clarify what I am suppose to be doing?

The funeral director will tell SS of the death.

SS checks work like pay checks. You get paid after u do the work. So your January check is really for December. If LO passes in Jan, they keep the January check. But, they will not get SS for February and if its deposited SS will take it back. Now some have claimed that SS has taken back the Jan check which you r entitled to, that is when you need to call. SS earnings for the year will be sent to LO the first of next year for tax purposes.
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You can call SS and inform them of the death. The hold times can be long and they may tell you that they already know - usually the funeral home does this.

If your parent passed away at the beginning of the month and the benefits were automatically taken back even though they were rightfully due, you can fill out form SSA-1724 to get them back.
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I believe SS is notified of deaths. They will automatically take $ back out of a direct deposit account for the month the person died in.

I'm not sure why SS would want a W2?
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