My dad passed away on the 4th, my mom is supposed to be getting a check on the 19 will she still get it?

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She may since it was in the works probably before SS was notified by the funeral director. I would not spend it or your Moms check if possible. The December checks are really for November so Mom should be able to keep them. You should get Mom to the SS office ASAP. Take Dads death certificate, SS card and ID.

What Moms will receive now Dad is gone is a formula. Has to do with who received the higher check. Basically, if Moms check was less than she will probably get what Dad received and her check drops off.
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Is it his check on the 19th?

I would contact the SSA to ensure you understand exactly how it works and make sure she is getting the most possible, either hers or 1/2 of his.

People here will tell you she gets all of his check, but that is not true, the rules as of 2018 are that the surviving spouse is entitled to get the above, which ever is greater but you must have her apply. They will help you figure out what is the best choice, take her in and get it done,. Time consuming but well worth it in the long run.

I'm sorry for your loss, may you and mom receive grieving mercies and strength to get through this time. Hugs!
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If she does get his check...then in the next month Social Security will take it back. Then, she will start to receive her usual check or his..depending which is the higher amount.

you can dispute the withdrawal of the last will be put back, but only temporarily.....but, buy a couple months to work out the new financial situation before paying it back again.
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