I'm his medical POA. I don't feel like His nurse communicates the way she should be with me for the care of my Dad .I have told her not to give information out to others in the family that want too much input into his care when that was not my dad's wishes I have sibling that brings too much drama to the care home and was told by the social worker that my sister wanted 9 to 12 morning visiting hours that everyone else should come after that they have no right telling me when to see my father especially when those are the hours the I communicate with the nurse so how can a sister with no poa tell them when she can be there

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Dear Sunny - I read your previous post from this year when you were trying to make the decision regarding hospice care. I can only assume that your dad's PCP or specialist agreed that he should be on hospice? Who signed the hospice contract? If you signed (and I assume you did as you have MPOA) then remind the hospice provider who they should be (legally) communicating with for instruction. And if someone has a question, it should be directed to you. To find another provider, ask your doctor for recommendations, or maybe friends? More and more people are entering this situation and may have recommendations.
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