My grandfather is 92 and currently in a hospice. He has a foley catheter inserted because he can no longer urinate on his own. He sleeps most of the day and has swollen feet and legs. He has no strength to get up on his own and needs help moving from the bed to the toilet or to a wheelchair. He doesn't talk much anymore but when he does, he is delirious and doesn't know where he is. He has a huge belly which I attribute to ascites.

However, the only silver lining is that he still has a great appetite. He needs to be fed and his eyes are closed all the time but he opens his mouth and eats voraciously. When listening to him, he doesn't exactly have a hoarse or raspy voice but it does seem softer...

Based on the symptoms he exhibits, I was wondering if the more experienced members on this board would be able to tell me how long he might have to live.

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I don't think anyone is going to be able to tell you how long he has to live, not even hospice will probably venture a guess. People who are on hospice are usually deemed to have 6 months or less to live but I've heard many stories of people on hospice who have lived longer than that and were taken off hospice.

My mom passed away before we were able to get her on hospice and my dad died 3 days after being placed on hospice. There's just no way to predict.
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