My dad just died on the 10th of July. He was in a rehab and was told he needed to be in a rest home. We were worried cause it would be a self pay situation. We found my sister had been spending thousand upon thousands of dollars of his. We found out he had an irrevocable trust with no contest. We knew his wishes but she somehow got her name on things. How can we dispute if there is a no contest? This all started cause we wanted dad to have a safe 24 hr care home and looking into the finances we found all of this. Dad wanted things to go to 23 people and now it will go to just her?

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Randall, regardless of whether the trust is revocable or irrevocable, the trustee has a legal obligation to conduct the actions of the trust in a legal and proper manner. What you describe doesn't meet those standards.

You may not have a right to dispute, but there's a legal obligation on the trustee not to abuse her/his discretion. To do so can be grounds for legal action and/or intervention, and termination of her fiduciary capacity.

You do need legal advice to find out how to go about this and how to document what you've written about. If you're not documenting the abuse, start immediately so you have legitimate issues and proof to discuss with an attorney.

Estate planning attorneys can also handle an issue like this.
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I would highly recommend you see an Elder Law Attorney to see what options you have.
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Apologies, I posted on the wrong site. Im so sorry.
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