We're trying to keep her out of a nursing home, but need help … her official residence and her doctors are in Maryland. However, for the last few years she's been living with her daughter in West Virginia 10 miles from the MD border, which is where in-home care can be provided. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You asked a similar question a few months ago and got responses. Your question needs to be asked to Medicaid. I really don't think where she has property or Doctors has anything to do with it. She is now living in W. Virginia. I will point out that if its Medicaid based services, then she may need to use Medicaid doctors in the state she sets up residency in.
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My mom lives over the border in MA and I am in CT. I pay her bills and occasionally have to deal with pensions that send 1099s that they think she has to file the wrong state taxes. The reason that she remains in her state is that there are vast differences in costs for NHs by about 20 to 40 K more per year. I make a 20 mile trip to keep doctor appointments for her.

When the time comes that her daughter feels it is a burden to continue in home care, it would be best to investigate costs in both states.

Daughter will need to change Medicare coverage if mom is on an advantage plan so insurance discrepancies need investigation. Next, look at ALs and NHs in both areas just in case.
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