Should I have concerns about this Xanax dosage?

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I'm giving my mother who has Alzheimer's and sundowns at night 2 mg. of Xanax to get her to sleep. Tried 1 mg. and it didn't work, she kept getting up. Next morning she is fine. Should I have any concerns about this dosage?

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2 mg is quite a fairly large dose of Xanax. This is a good question for her doctor. You shouldn't be deciding what dosages to give. That's the doctor's job. Xanax is really not the best sleeping medication since it has a slight "up" effect. Lorazepam (Ativan) is probably better for sleeping. Talk to her doctor about the medications.
As Jesse mentioned you should consult with MD. You must be very careful with medications for seniors. It takes them longer to process and metabolise. One small dose of ativan or any narcotic can put them out for a long time. Be carefful especially with sleeping meds.
Wowza, 2 mg is whopper of a dose for just about anybody, so do please be very careful! You definitely need to be following her Dr's dosage recommendations! Are you sure you didn't mean .2mg, or .25mg, as that would be more in the realm of a starting dose, for that particular medication! Be very very careful with Xanax! Even though Vallium, Xanax, Clonazapam, Ativan, and all the anti-anxiety meds are in the same class of drug, their particular dosing is very different and very complicated! Get that Dr's advicefor sure!

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