My grandfather has been really grumpy lately. I don’t know if it’s because of the situation with grandma or just because that’s how he is sometimes. (he was arguing with me about the tv and stuff) I have been thinking if I should give him some space until Christmas?

Disney since you apparently don't live with your grandparents and have zero influence in any aspect of their lives I have to ask you why you seem to be so involved in their lives? My advice would be to visit less, much, much less. In fact your whole family seem to be in denial about their needs so I would avoid them as much as possible as well lest they try to suck you back in.
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yes same poster. Grandma who peed in day jar.
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Look at another television or stream online.
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No offense to you or any caregiver for that matter.
Sometimes, we are the problem.
Back away for awhile, yes, give space to those you love.

If you are visiting too often or too long without helping to make positive changes, then you are the problem, imo.

You should not be arguing over the TV, and stuff.
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Okay I'll bite - what's the situation with grandma?

Do you live in the same house as your grandparents, or are you normally just a regular visitor to their home?
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worriedinCali Dec 20, 2019
Look at her other posts CM....just make sure you aren’t eating. She’s no stranger to the forum. Does peeing in jars ring a bell?
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I would just leave him alone.
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