For a couple of years now my mom has screamed No No No in her sleep. Over the past couple of months she has now started to also do a whimpering cry like a baby in her sleep and most recently she has also started to cry out mamamama (sounds like a baby just learning to talk)

she refuses to go to the doctor regarding this and I don’t know what I can do any more. I end up sleeping during the day when she is at work because she keeps me awake at night with al or that just as if I had an actual baby.

I don’t know if it is just her becoming lazy in many aspects since I have to take care of all of her stuff but last week when we ordered pizza for dinner she wouldn’t go get the pizza from the delivery guy even though I was very busy doing something else. She stated that she didn’t know what to do to get the pizza from him. She has always been a very strong independent person and has gone to being very dependent on me. I don’t know if all this has to do with something happening with her mentally, health wise, if it has to do with her being an alcoholic and the alcohol she is constantly drinking. I am getting wore out from all of this

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What I think she is having are night terrors. My Mom suffered from them about 1x a week. If one was really bad I would wake her up and make sure she opened her eyes. Moms were brought on because she suffered from Dementia.

Maybe time for a good check up. Medicare will pay for one. Labs the whole works. This will rule out anything physically.
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