I fell on Saturday and got roughed up on the right shoulder and knees; did not hit my head...Today I fell and the back of my head slammed into the couch arm rest and there is no bleeding or cuts; just hurts pretty good.

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Go see a physician!

This could be something simple and easily treatable, but you need to know. Falling is no joke and you don't want something more serious because you took a bad fall.
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DItto to yes. It may be something for which there is a remedy. For some medical/health issues, if left untreated, it gets to a point where there is no longer any options to treat it. Would be such a pity if there was a treatment and it wasn't acted upon soon enough. Especially if you live by yourself and don't have close family near, this is a point in your life to consider getting your legal ducks in a row so that your coming years are as good as they can be! If you don't deal with things, you will be an accomplice to your own worst-case aging scenario. Just read some of the posts on this forum about peoples' parents. Please assign a Power of Attorney, get your Healthcare Directive written down and think realistically about your options if/when you can no longer live independently. I wish you all the best and for a successful diagnosis and treatment for your falls!
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yes because the falling may be related to a medical condition that needs attention. Please go see a doctor.
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