Are there any services available to help a Veteran weatherize his home?


Veteran with inadequate insulation, air coming in through doors and window frames, possible mold.

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The VA does provide some services for upgrading or retrofitting homes. Google "VA home improvement loans" and "VA home improvement grants" to get more information on what the VA provides as well as how to qualify.

If you have a service connected disability or are a disabled Veteran, there might be more available to help you.

There's a nonprofit group started and run by Veterans which helps retrofit houses for Veterans. I believe they buy the houses, retrofit and then sell them, but I don't recall for sure. It might be they also help Veterans with their existing homes. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the organization at this moment.

Google "veterans helping veterans, home retrofits" - this will provide a lot of hits. The 4th hit provides information on a partnership between Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity, with veterans as the beneficiaries.

You could also contact Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April directly; they provide free assistance to low income people in need. Some churches do as well, but it varies by area.

In Michigan, the county in which I live grants home improvement loans to income qualified residents. The loans can be repaid at a lower % rate or payment deferred until death, when they would be paid off if the house is sold.

Good luck; I hope you find something that can help you. However, if there is black mold, there's a different story entirely.
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Many cities and towns have weatherization grants. Call your mayor's office or tell us what city and state.
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