My mother is on Seroquel.(25 mg at night only) Her Primary Care Physician is prescribing 3X/day 25mg. Has anyone seen this and what results have you seen? Right now on the 25mg at night my mother is combative and refusing care. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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The dosage varies depending on the individuals condition. It usually starts at 25mg twice a day especially in the elderly.

Sever conditions in younger people can require a dosage of up to 800mg per day. In fact, overdose conditions aren't observed until a patient takes more than 1350mg (13.5 grams) at one time.

It is possible that increasing her dosage could help her combativeness...but please keep in mind that seroquel doesn't help everyone. While it does wonders with some people, it can actually increase anger and agitation in others. You can't be sure if the combativeness is a result of the seroquel itself, or is because she isn't on enough seroquel. Follow your doctors orders.

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My FIL is taking this medicine, also 3x a day but with two pills (50mg) at night. His neurologist prescribed Seroquel to tone down his sexually inappropriate behavior toward me, which was making caring for him at home difficult. He went from constant suggestive talk and trying to kiss me, etc., to being much more subdued. He gets sleepy after taking it, but in his case naps aren't the worst thing. It did take several weeks of taking the medicine, along with dosage and how often adjustments, before we got things to a point where he was both not pestering me and not stumbling or slurring his words. We did accomplish that, though. The drug works on the frontal lobe and executive function, such as knowing it's not appropriate to pursue your son's wife, or knowing that the care you so lovingly offer is needed. Work with the doctor for a bit to see if you can get your mother to a point where she is less combative. Hope you see some results soon!
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