2 months ago, my husband fell and broke his hip, he was a semi invalid before this, also at that time he developed a bleed in the brainstem which is similar to a stroke, as a result, he has a hard time following directions regarding his therapy. Also, the stroke affected his eyesight and he is nearly blind. He would just as soon sleep all day. I don't know whether to push him or just accept that this is all its going to be

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This is indeed a bad thing. It may be that your husband needs a little more time to recover from the bleed, which would have the same effect as a stroke. In a single second his life changed and he may take a while to repair both physically and emotionally. I have a friend who had a stroke affecting the pons and occipital cortex. Like your husband, it left him nearly blind with many other problems, such as balance, breathing correctly, and bladder control. He isolated himself for several years and is just now associating again with people. Beyond the PT, I don't think that pushing your husband will be helpful. However, you can work with him on improvements as they surface.

I wouldn't accept that it is all he will ever be. Chances are that he will never be the same, but if he is like my friend, he will get better with time.
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