What would I do without the advice and support of you guys? You have walked me through some of the worst times as mom was diagnosed with AD. Last Sat Mom fell and had five staples in her head. She compressed a disk and broke (chipped) a vertebrae. She was unable to return to her memory care unit and is now in skilled nursing for re-hab. Well, she is worse than ever. She did have a UTI which was diagnosed and treated in the hospital so I don't think that is the issue, but she is now on oxygen (wasn't before the fall) can hardly speak, only whisper and is greatly impaired in the memory dept. What is going on? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Your note brought back a lot of memories of my mom. She split her head open in one of many falls and had a ton of staples. Awful.
Your mom had even more injuries. Her body has been through terrible trauma, to say nothing of her mind. Finding the UTI was great - so many elders have UTIs and are confused because of the infection in their system. My guess with your mom is that the trauma has set her back. Will she improve? Hard to tell. My personal thought is that these falls and other traumas are cumulative. How much can an aging body stand without confusion and even depression becoming part of the equation. Also, physical trauma, such as a broken hip, can heal but studies have shown they often shorten life.
I'm sorry you are going through this. My only advice is to be with her as much as you can and realize that she's been through so much that she may not recover to her previous condition. Naturally, the medical team will do what they can, and if your mom is strong enough, she may make it through. But prepare yourself for little or no improvement and a possible decline. I don't want to drag you down, but I'm being realistic. She's aging. She's been through a lot. Now all of this. Even a doctor isn't likely to give you any guarantee about how this will turn out. Meanwhile, take care of yourself as you show her your love.
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