A friend asked me about the terms under which her dad is receiving home-bound services under Medicare, after hospital discharge. Her father needs to have a barium swallow test before he is cleared for feeding therapy. This test is only done (at least in NYC) on an outpatient basis; in other locales, we are told there are travelling "barium swallow vans" but not in NY. Home care agency advised against going out for this test, as it will disqualify patient for home nurse, PT, OT, etc. This doesn't sound right. Patient is going for the test today; I told friend to contact supervisors up the chain of command, because there must be exceptions for these sorts of situations, yes?

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My Mom had home bound Care.
We used medical transport for doctor visits. But, those were her only outside activities. The effort to transport her was just too big a fuss to do unless absolutely necessary.

Ask her primary care physician to provide documentation as to her inability to get out and around.
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Thanks, Jeanne! That's what I thought. I passed on the information.
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Funny, I've just been looking at the Medicare requirements for home care. It is true that a patient must be homebound to get inhome services. BUT ...

"A patient could still be considered homebound if absences from the home are:
For periods of relatively short duration, or
Attributable to the need to receive health care treatment"

So I'd say, sure he can go have a swallow test. I think your advice is good. Contact the supervisors up the chain of command. Call the local Medicare office if necessary.
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