My parents are 79 (father) and 76 (mother). My Dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in November 2014. After chemotherapy and radiation, thanks be to God's mercies, Dad's cancer is now in remission. During that time, Dad developed a pretty bad case of dementia and lost almost all use in his legs. He is able to use a walker, but only when he is being held from behind with the security belt. Mom is diabetic and has had some previous heart conditions which required her to have a pacemaker inserted. Mom has been the main caregiver for Dad; however, my sister and I are almost always there when we can be. There have also been other family and church members that have been awesome. Right at this moment we need help with Dad and for Mom. Please help. Thank you.

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Resource requirements vary from state to state. Your county Office of the Aging can answer many questions, but here are the basics:
To be eligible for HCBS (home and community based services) they have to be homebound with no more than $2000 in the bank or investments.
They must not have given away any assets within 5 years, including signing the house over to someone else.
If your parents are willing to share their financial information, talk to them about hiring help. For starters, a housekeeper once a week for mom.
For Dad, ask his MD to order an aide (need written orders) for a bath aide once a week. If the MD says they should no longer live alone, think about touring some Assisted Living places nearby. Those facilities will help sort out the financials, but you need to know what Mom and Dad have.
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