I'm 26 with a 7 year old caretaking for my parents they are 70 and 74. My parents have bills and all kinds of stuff to be dealt with my dad is mentally disabled and mom wants me to have power of attorney and they want to make a will and I'm home all the time my fiancée works but I have to stay home I'm so lost I don't have a computer to work online, Mississippi doesn't have alot of programs available I don't want them in a home I need some economic classes but I'm so lost don't know where to look.

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One thing I forgot to mention was that the advance directives will have what is sometimes called a living will. This will have your parents' wishes about what they want to have done if they were to become incapacitated and need extraordinary measure to keep them alive. The form may include a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) if that is what they wish. It will have their desire to have or not have a feeding tube. This is some serious stuff. The good thing about the advance directive is they are helpful, but not engraved in stone. Your parents can set aside the living will part if they change their minds. The form also has a statement that they can check preventing the medical proxy or anyone else from changing the instructions that were left. However, I've never known a living will to be executed if the medical proxy was not on board with it. When my father was dying, the hospital staff checked with me to make sure I agreed with the DNR. Even though he had checked for no one to change it, I was given that option. I knew he was ready to cross over, so did not go against the DNR.

This may be far more information than you wanted, but it is all important.
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Shastine, are you a member of a church or a civic organization. What you need to find is a lawyer who does pro bono or inexpensive work. He/she can help your parents write the will and do the advance directives. The advance directives will include the POA for healthcare (healthcare proxy) and the POA for finances. I hope you can find an attorney who works with elderly and disabled people, so it will not cost much. The attorney will provide copies of the wills and advanced directives to your family and file a copy of the will at the county courthouse. Make sure all of that is done so you know the will is on file when it comes time. All of this is really simple, but it is easiest when you have an attorney work through it. That way the wording of the will conveys exactly what your parents intend. A novice may omit words and phrases that cause much confusion when it comes time to execute the will.
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