I am power of attorney over my mothers money and home. Can I have her name removed from all her bank accounts since she is unable to do it?


She is in a nurshing home with long term dementia..she can't remember things and I need to down spend her bank accounts so that we can get her on Medicaid for long term stay. She doesn't have much but we need that for final bills and expencies after her death...she is 86 years old and it looks like she will have to have continual care...my name is on all accounts and the property and land is in my name also...all assests have my name on them...with her name...I need her name off so that we can switch to Medicaid in the near future..she is now on Medicare and has suppliment insurances but they will run out in a few weeks.

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I would use some of her money to see an Elder Lawyer-he or she would be able to give you good clear advice on how to proceed and probably help you with the application for medicaide and would know the rules in your area and all about the lookback period and the social worker in the NH would be able to start medicaide pending work for medicaide.
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