The issue of taxi cab reimbursement has been raised by our 24/7 live in aide. What are other families doing to handle this request?


I was wondering what other families are doing to handle any request by their live in aide to cover part of their commuting expenses (cab ride) when they go home for a personal visit that is not in any way job related. Typically the expense would be $24.00 round trip with the tip. We are located in LI, NY.

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I assume she is a live in. If so ur probably providing her food and a room.  Plus a decent salary.  No, ur not responsible for her travel.  This should have been discussed at the time of hiring. 
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If the aide had her own car would you be expected to pay for her gas when she goes home for a personal visit? Of course not.

Does my boss pay for my gas to go home after work? No.

Have you already paid this expense? If so, you're liable to have a hairy situation on your hands if you decide to not pay it anymore.

If you haven't paid this expense yet I would advise against it. $24 is not a lot of money but it seems like the aide is trying to take advantage. If you pay the $24 what will the next expense be?

Requesting that you cover her cab ride home is pretty bold. I'd watch out for this aide.
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