My boyfriend was diagnosed with CHF 3 years ago, His insurance was cancelled 2 months ago, he has no more medicine he can no longer walk more than 20 feet without being winded. He has edema in his legs to the point of them leaking and he has major edema in his scrotum. I know he HAS to go see a Dr but he refuses. Can I make him go? I know suicide is illegal in Ca, can I tell them he is trying to kill himself?

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As long as he's competent, he has the right to refuse treatment. I knew that my father had pneumonia. I spent months trying to get him to go to the clinic. He refused. The pneumonia got worse - terrible hacking coughs, greenish-yellow phlegm, etc... I called 911. EMT came, spoke to my dad, he refused treatment, they asked him questions, he answered correctly. He was deemed competent and they honored his wishes. I then called Adult Protective Services. I was told that my dad has a right to refuse medical help. In the end, I just had to wait and see. He finally changed his mind when he couldn't breathe... The 2nd time he had pneumonia, he wasn't so lucky....

It doesn't hurt to try calling 911. I read here on AgingCare of someone doing that. Their mother changed her mind and agreed to go to the ER.
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I think we need more info. Why was his insurance cancelled? How old is he? What about Medicare? What are his living conditions?
Call for the ambulance and get him medical attention.
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I don't know why his insurance was cancelled, they won't talk to me I'm just the girlfriend, he tried to call and kept getting switched or told to call another number which he did until the office was closed which made him mad and now he won't call back. He is 53 and he lives at home with me. I don't understand what you want to know about his living conditions, what is it you want to know about that?
He needs to get qualified for Medicaid.

I would call Adult Protective Services and tell them that he's a vulnerable adult in need of assisitance.

Or, you could call 911. Those EMTs can be very persuasive.
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