How long is it possible for my loved one to live with heart failure?



my grandmother was diagnosed with heart failure stage 2 (HFpEF) 6 months ago after a heart attack. She is medicated and things seem to settle. She sleeps a lot, but her cardiologist tells us not to worry too much about that. He says that the heart attack drained her energy and with rest she will regain some of her former energy.

Her cardiologist didn't tell us how her prognosis is, i.e. how much time she has left. He told us it's very difficult to predict, even with knowing in what stage she is. He told us that he saw people live decades (until their late 90s) and other people dying within a year.

Is there any way to predict how long my grammy has left or is it like her doctor said? What has been your experience? She is 90 years old. Thank you.



Thank you all for your answers. Hearing this helps a lot and I realize I need to focus on the present more. :)
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My husband had CHF more than 30 years. When he died at age 86 it was from dementia, not heart failure.

Nobody can predict the life span of this disease. DeeAnna gives good advice: focus on today. Or as we said in the 70s, Help grandma bloom where she is planted now.
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Sorry to hear about your grandmother's heart failure. The cardiologist is correct when he told you that it's very difficult to predict how long a person will live. As a nurse, I too, have seen people live decades (until their late 90s) and other people dying within a year. There are so many factors that influence how long or how short your grandmother will live.

I suggest that you focus on NOW, focus on your grandmother and enjoy her while she is alive. Do not worry about when she will die. Encourage her to talk about her heritage and video-tape your conversations for genealogy purposes. Look at old photographs and write the names of the people and the event the photo was taken at on the back of the photo or on a index card and attach it with removable poster tape to the back of the photo.

If you want to research information about heart failure stage 2 (HFpEF), I suggest:{"issue_id":461880,"page":0}

"Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself." :)
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Congestive heart failure is a long term disease. A cardiologist cannot tell someone how long they are going to live with heart failure.
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Cady, I think it would be very difficult for a Cardiologist to predict how long your Grandmother has left to live.

I remember when my Dad had a heart attack, it really zapped the energy out of him, he could barely walk a few feet at first, and couldn't drive for months. And the pills were also making him tired. It took him about 6 months to recover back to his own self.

My Dad lived about 8 years after that, passed from aspiration pneumonia. Time tables can vary from patient to patient. My parents always walked 2 miles every day, come rain or shine, so that helped my folks live longer. My Mom had hypertension and lived to be 98, it was a fall that took her life, so one never knows.
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