If I run out of money.. what to do??

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If you are still fit and active be sure to ask about activities and try to have a meal in the dining room. if it's all doom and gloom and people in wheelchairs falling asleep over their diner that is not for you. Ask to see activities roos and note the equipment available.
If you have animals be sure to ask if they are welcome. Compare the cost of hiring people to come to your home to provide the services that have become too hard for you to manage.
If you enjoy family visits ask if there is a room your guests can use. There are so many little things that come to mind.
Make sure to find out what is included in your monthly rent, some of these places nickle and dime you for odds and ends you are not expecting.
My mother spent her last days in subsidized senior housing. she remained independent but there was a resident warden so if she got into trouble she had a call bell in the bedroom and bathroom. She was with people mostly her own age and quickly made friends.
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In your own list of needs and wants, think about what you absolutely have to have and what would be ideal. Do you have to have someone prepare meals or do you fix your own, or microwave frozen meals? Focus on critical issues such as that as you make a checklist of questions to ask.

Ask about these issues in calls to eliminate any potential candidates and save a wasted trip to a place that doesn't provide what you need.

You ask about funding. I don't have any suggestions for that except to get approximate prices, calculate the costs and how much you have, and when you might need assistance. A good social worker can help identify options; you might try asking at your local senior center just to get started on researching options.

Importantly, don't be discouraged. This is a major search and you're bound to hit some bumps in the road. When that happens, refocus on something more pleasant and restart your search when you're feeling more confident.

This is not an easy task; give yourself plenty of time or it could become discouraging if not depressing.
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If u own a home you can sell. This will give u something to fall back on. You don't say what kind of senior housing? Independent living and Assisted living provide meals. With Assisted living your utilities are included except maybe cable. Independant I am not sure of. Both have transportation if you need it.

I would suggest you get a family member to help you with this or a friend. Shop around and see what fits ur needs. There are facilities that have independent living with an assisted living attached so as your needs become more, you can transition. Make a list of what you feel you need. Go see these places and keep record of pros and cons. Price too. Some Assisted livinings require 2 yrs private pay and if they have an opening can help you with Medicaid. That way you don't have to leave the facility. If no one is close by to help, then call your local Office of Aging. Someone there may help you.
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Very sensible of you to think ahead.

Did the senior housing people give you a brochure or any other sort of information? Reading through that might prompt you to think of other things you want to know, and you can make a list of questions.

They certainly ought to be able to explain what happens if you can't afford to fund yourself in the future, and how they can help you apply for support.

I hope the move goes well and you're very happy and comfortable in your new home.
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