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What living options are there for dad with dementia?


Just had to move my dad from Assisted to Assisted Memory Care. The lady who cared for my father at Assisted took better daily care of him for 3yrs than the Memory Care does and she provides a better overall quality of life for him. I have been thinking about placing something like a nice travel trailer in my rather large 1/2 acre yard fully privacy fenced 7' tall with two lockable gates. She could come over and care for him during the day and he generally sleeps most of the night. He loves this lady and she takes great care of him and it is the only reason I consider this an option. This would cost less than his current monthly $4800 where they provide less care. With both gates locked he can go outside and walk around or stay in his home. He is a loaner but my grand daughters 17, 14 and 13 are still at home to talk to or not it would be his choice.

Has anyone else used this option?

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The lovely lady who helped your father enjoy Assisted Living for three years has done her job well. You don't say what prompted the move to Memory Care, but if she were still able to manage him then presumably you wouldn't have had to move him?

Expecting her to do a harder job in the professional isolation of a private home with no other caregivers or facilities on hand is not reasonable. I don't really think you should even propose it to her, because people-pleasers find it hard to say no no matter how alarming they find an idea.

Perhaps you could arrange for her to see him regularly; pay for her time, if you think it's appropriate, because she may not be able to afford not to take other work.
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Not a good idea. FF Makes some good points. Also , you have to consider how this change would affect someone with dementia. Moving would be very hard for him. Moving to a travel trailer might seem like being on the moon to him.
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Testdept, since your Dad was able to budget to have a private Caregiver with him at Assisted Living, the cost shouldn't be that much more for him to budget this same Caregiver at Memory Care. I did that for my own Dad and it really worked out well.  In Memory Care we cut back an hour or two for the caregiver.... that helped saved some money, and the caregiver didn't mind.  She was able to schedule another client in the afternoon.

As you are aware, dementia only gets worse over time, thus Dad would need more eyes and ears watching over him. At Memory Care, Dad would be around people of his own age, having meals in the common dining room with his table mates, and enjoying the occasional music that Assisted Living will bring in as an activity. There is always a RN on duty in case Dad need medical help immediately. If it rains or snows, Dad can walk around inside the Memory Care complex. And see out the windows different views.

This is just my opinion, a travel trailer is not a good idea. A caregiver wouldn't have room to help your Dad. One example, Dad would need a bathroom large enough to move around in and enough room for a caregiver to help out. Such a bathroom usually only has room for one person. Add grab bars and you limit the space even more. I remember the trailer my parents had at a camp, the bathroom was the size of half a small coat closet, with the shower over the toilet. No bathroom sink, one had to use the kitchenette sink.  And there will be that one night that someone forgets to lock the gate, and Dad wanders out.

And a very important thing, what would the caregiver think of working in a trailer?
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