How does my husband protect himself about being falsely accused of stealing? -

How does my husband protect himself about being falsely accused of stealing?


And able to stay in Nursing school for clinicals? My husband was recently accused of stealing because the patient was upset with him for quitting, my husband quit taking care of him because the patient went through his personal information and obtained his phone number, address, and other information. The patient then went to the police and claimed my husband took $2,700. He just started the nursing program and they are telling him that he will not be able to continue if this isn't dropped. My husband has a lawyer and took a polygraph test. He was asked if he had ever done a crime the police never knew about and I guess he failed that question because it was vague. He wasn't sure if it was pertaining to a traffic ticket or criminal, yes he has sped before and that's a crime, but never anything that would deserve jail time. The polygrapher said that if you fail one question, you fail all. That is ridiculous. Anyway, the patient sent my husband a letter stating that he never took any money from him and that the police coursed him to embellishing. The police still don't want to drop the charges which doesn't make any sense, they have nothing to stand on especially if the patient is stating my husband never took the money, because the police don't want to drop it my husband might get kicked out of school never to be able to return. How can we fight this?

Not only that during questioning the police did not remain biased, the officer stated he felt my husband did it and was incredibly aggressive without listening to my husband. After recording the officer then asked him about very personal issues my husband dealt with while a passed girlfriend passed from a heart attack. This is irrelevant and a conflict of interest, so this officer is now negatively affecting my husbands life because he will not drop the charge even though the patient wrote out a letter claiming my husband is innocent.

What are our options? Thanks for the help

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You say he has an attorney, so just what has he done so far?.

He may need a criminal defense attorney. Does hubs have old juvee issues or anything that was expunged? Is there more to hubs past?

The nursing program hubs is in has to have some path for conflicts & a sequence that system requires. If he took it upon himself to quit working with a patient without going through proper channels, that is a whole issue also. You should read the admissions agreement, it could well be that he is has violated terms for continuing in the program even without the alleged theft.

The "charges" what are they? More than just theft?

Just how did the letter get done? Did hubs approach the patient on this?
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Lawyer up right now.
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You need to step back and let the courts sort this out. The preponderance of evidence will either clear his name or convict him. What you believe is not admissible or relevant. Try not to burst out in court, that would be a bad thing.
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