We're looking for a new place for dad but in the mean time, he's at The Landing memory care.
We are consistently giving them instruction on how to do a check-in.
We have a camera installed (highly recommend it). The problem is the Exec Dir told everyone when they walk in, WAVE AT THE CAMERA.
We asked them to stop this and just do their job.
I finally had to ask for another aide. This last aide goes in the room, wakes up my dad, 'oh, I'm sorry I startled you, go back to sleep.'
We've gone from WORSE TO WORSER.
With that said, does anyone know proper steps. Unfortunately we need to give them instruction. People with dementia already have problems sleeping, then they go and wake him up.

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Just a heads up. This question was asked on March 18 too.
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I would be offended to my toes that I am being recorded on camera doing my job, I would absolutely take it to mean that you believe I am not doing a good enough job and that you suspect me of wrong doing. Not to mention you are capturing my face to do god knows what with.

If you want hourly care, you need to hire a private aid. You are going beyond beyond with your treatment of his caregivers. I mean really to hell with the other 35 people they have to help, dad gets checked on hourly and then you criticize how they check on him. If you create a no win situation, guess what, no win. And dad pays the price for the pettiness.
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Is the camera motion-sensitive? Or does the Exec Dir think it is? That's the only non-brattish reason I can think of for him to have given the staff that instruction.

There seems to be a breakdown in communication. I assume that you expect the staff to go into your father's room on the hour, make observations, leave him in peace if possible, then record their observations. Throughout the night?

Unless there's some particular reason for this hourly routine it does sound like quite a lot. Is there a particular reason?
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I think you may be asking too much from the facility. Like willie said, they have schedules to stick to. Residents do better with structure.

My daughter has worked rehabs, NHs and ALs. Without structure these places couldn't operate efficiently.

Morning shift comes in 6am/7am. First thing they do is get the residents up, pottied and dressed. Down to breakfast by 8am. After breakfast maybe showers or therapy. Med pass which can take a while depending on the number of residents. Then its lunch. Again potty breaks and med pass and maybe some kind of activity. Shift change. Now dinner. Med pass. Then getting everyone back to their rooms to get them ready for the night. Watch a little TV and then the aides comes back to put them to bed.

While all this is going on the aides are changing beds. Cleaning up the bathroom, and in my Moms AL helping in the dining room serving and cleaning up. Taking laundry to the laundry room. And then there's the unforseen things. A resident acting out. These aides sometimes are referees. Resident trying to go to the bathroom on their own and causes a mess or getting sick. Who do you think cleans up. Then you expect an hourly check up? I really think you are asking too much. I doubt if you will find another facility that will be able to do this either. Maybe a group home with maybe 6 residents.

The aides are entitled to 2 breaks and 1/2 hr for lunch. These facilities usually have a big turnover too. You are working with at least 3 shift changes. Aides hired M thru F and different ones on the weekends. Maybe 1 RN and LPN over them and they do ALOT of paperwork especially for the state. The State! They come in for inspections. Can last a week. Administration has to drop what they are doing and follow the state around. Records better be in order.

I think you are trying to micro manage a situation you have no control over. Too many people involved in Dads care. I am surprised the camera is allowed. As long as he is clean, fed and safe thats all you can expect. You are going to allienate his caregivers when you should be making friends with them.
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Perhaps you could share with us exactly what you expect from a a "check-in".

I have a very different expectation of what a memory care is compared to your reality - where I live memory care is kind of a halfway house between assisted living and the nursing home and I don't think there are any in which the people living there are as autonomous as your father seems to be, residents are fed, bathed, toileted and entertained according tho the schedules and procedures set out by the facility. Staff at these places have many to look after and are not likely to jump through hoops to satisfy a checklist that is not part of their job description as laid out by the employer, in fact I'm amazed that little wave they give you doesn't have four fingers in their palms.
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