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My Mom (now almost 98) has been on Losartan for years. It works well for her. When the story broke about the recalls (over six months ago), I spoke with the pharmacist. At least at our pharmacy, the pharmacist receives notices of which batches are recalled. She assured me that she checks the recall notices and would notify either me if my Mom's prescription were part of a recalled batch. For reassurance, I would suggest speaking with your pharmacist.
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Mikkimball0664 Jun 16, 2019
I am on it as well and it was not recalled
I am on it and my brand was not recalled
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Ah ha! Thank you, Send - I now see that the recall is related to possible contamination during manufacture.

I found these batches listed:

Class 2 Medicines recall: Accord Healthcare Limited - Losartan Potassium 50mg Film-coated Tablets, PL 20075/0022 and Losartan Potassium 100mg Film-coated Tablets, PL 20075/0023

I expect there will be an FDA site to tell US consumers which batches to look out for, too.

Flanger, is this the issue you were concerned about or is there a different problem?
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See your doctor, as this drug for high blood pressure is being recalled.
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Countrymouse Jun 16, 2019
Is it?! - Mother was on it for years...

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