Doctor has added Biopentin, Cognitol and natural B. Complex. Pain in the hand reduced but slurred speech persists.

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TIA came to mind for me too but I would think her doctors must have considered that as well and other are right, while we can offer ideas from personal experience we aren't health professionals (well most of us) and even if we were diagnosing something without seeing and examining your mom is really impossible. It's obvious though that something either happened or is happening and I would't give up until someone has seen her and has reviewed all of her records and symptoms. It's important you or someone who knows her is there though to tell them what is and what isn't normal or "baseline" for her so don't stray too far while she is being diagnosed. Good luck (looks like my moms list of meds prior to her stroke).
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We are a forum of caregivers. Meaning we care for a LO in our homes or in an AL or nursing home. We share info trying to help each other deal with caring for another person.

From the meds you have listed your Mom is on two meds for diabetes 2, 2 diuretics, B/P but also used for heart, a med that covers memory or heart, and B to help with diet. So what I see here is Mom suffers from Diabetes and Heart failure. I guess they didn't find a stroke? If she isn't getting enough oxygen to the brain I guess it would cause slurred speach.

I just read that TIAs, mini strokes, do not show up on CT scans. This maybe causing the slurred speech. Talk to her doctor.
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Your question is of a medical nature that your loved ones doctor should be answering.

You have no information on your profile and we don't know who you are taking care of or what the history is or what the diagnosis is.

Just having a list of medications is not helpful.
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