Pressure in ears causes problems hearing. Any advice?

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I have been to hearing doctors over the years. The last time for vertigo. That was fixed. While there, I was tested for hearing loss. They said I have "cookie bite" hearing loss. Maybe genetic. But, I disagree. I have trouble hearing certain people due to their voices. Usually mid-tone if I am saying that correctly. No trouble with high or low sounds. It's the mid-range that is hard to hear at times. I have had constant pressure in my ears for the past 30 yrs. I am 64. Sometimes they hurt like they do today. I usually feel like I am wearing ear muffs. The pressure hurts, sometimes not much, sometimes more. The reason I don't agree with the last one saying cookie bite loss is because: when I drive to a higher elevation - maybe 1,200' elevation above sea level instead of our usual 600', my ears, one or both, will pop and I can hear beautifully with no ear pressure for maybe a minute or 2 and then the pressure is back in my ears. When it happens, I realize how loud the radio is and can't get over the difference. Also, sometimes when sitting and watching TV, one of my ears will pop and I again realize how loud the TV volume is. Due to this, I don't believe my hearing problem is due to Cookie Bite loss. I think it's my allergies that I have always had since a child. My sinuses are always driving me crazy and post nasal drip. I use Mucinex to help. It seems to take care of my all too often dry cough. I have told each ear specialist what I have just told you, but no one seems to listen. I once asked if ear tubes would help and was told no. Is there no hope for me of getting rid of the constant pressure in my ears so they are not sore from the pressure and so that I can hear better? Sure would love to have this solved before I die not knowing why and what was wrong! And it's no fun asking customers to repeat what they have said when they speak too softly. The ear pressure is more than usual today since the weather has abruptly changed since yesterday. Change of weather also gives me a headache in my sinuses. I hope this all makes sense to you. Any answers? thank you in advance!

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Have your ears checked for wax buildup. Try a diuretic for those times your sinuses are full of fluid, talk to the pharmacist about products over-the-counter that will help.
No wax at all. Pharmacist is the one who told me to use Micinex. It helps as far as sinuses and throat. Will check diuretics and see what he says. Why do ear specialists not understand my problem. They usually tell me to live with it. Not happy about that answer. I want to hear without pressure in ears.
Birdie, cookie bite hearing loss is the inability to hear mid-range sounds. Did you look up ear pressure on Web md? Some good suggestions are there. Also, do you take meds for your allergies? Been to an allergist or an ENT about your sinuses?
Will check answers again. Have been to 3 ENTs over the years. Allergist said to "live with it" cause it wasn't that bad he thought. It feels so great when it occasionally pops and I hear with no pressure. But, only lasts a minute or so. So, can't be genetic and permanent. I take Loratadine. Mucinex - extra
strength. Wish something would help. Thanks for comments.
Try breathing in, hold your nose and breathe out through your nose. It forces air out of you eustashion tubes. That always pops my ears.
Here are some suggestions as well. It looks like there's a surgery you can have, but given that you've been to three docs and none of them believe your problem is that "bad" you may have trouble finding a doc who would consider surgery. Do you eat dairy products? If so, you might try cutting them out for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference.
Also look up "Otovent" on Amazon. Never heard of it, but it sounds kind of interesting! It was referenced here, which made me research it:

I'm thinking allergies also. Maybe dairy, maybe gluten? Been told its allergies. Not easy to cut out all of either from diet long enough to check out.
Not a good idea to force air into ear canals. Could force bacteria into the tubes. Not a good idea.
Thanks for suggestions. Will check them out.
Have you ever been checked for sinus polyps? I have some of the same problems, and if you have polyps in your sinuses, it will not allow your tubes to drain properly and you can end up with ear aches and ear infections as well as sinus infections. I get those. I had one sinus surgery to get rid of the polyps back in 1996 and that took care of the problem for quite awhile, but they're back now.
Thanks for answer. No polyps that we know. I never get sinus or ear infections. Just too much pressure since they don't seem to equalize the pressure on both sides of the ear drums. When the pressure pops once in a while, like once every couple of weeks, I have no pressure all of a sudden and then hear fantastically for 30 sec. to a minute and then its right back again to too much pressure. If only it would stay clear!

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