We are compiling a cookbook for caregivers with less than 5 ingredients in each recipe using items that are readily on hand. If you would like make suggestions about the types of things you think will help, we would love to know.

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Yes I do find it hard as my 90 yr old mother is losing her taste and has convinced herself that she can't eat certain things because she is on Coumadin. I usually give her what she wants and offer several suggestions at each meal time so she has a choice. She likes vanilla ice cream and will usually ask for a mid afternoon cone. After she eas it she announces that she doesn't want anything sweet as it was sweeter than she liked, but she forgets and the next day she will ask for it again and I give it to her as she does seem to enjoy it even with the complaints. She usually eats a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and applesauce. Lunch will be homemade potato soup and maybe a turkey sandwich. She is from the south and enjoys beans with a biscuit. Probably doesn't sound nutritious but it is what I can get her to eat. She says she eats because she needs to not because she is Hungary.
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