How do we keep him on a healthy diet and not go along with the insane restricting he wants?


My FIL Is obsessed with his weight and bowels. He is constantly obsessed with his weight. He thinks he's fat. He is at a healthy weight and his doctor is happy with his gain as he was malnourished and weak before we started full time caregiving for him. He gets on a fat kick and wants low fat everything, diet this and that then will nosh down cookies. I have seen a change lately in his ability to chew and swallow his food which is contributing but this food/diet obsession has been going on long before now. he also is obsessed with his bowels. He is regular now but still wants laxatives because it's not as much poo as he wants to get out everyday. I had to hide the laxatives. I get that part of it is aging and Parkinson's but some of it is just insanity. I know I should just let it go but selfishly I don't want to deal with the negative health repercussions by having him diet all the time.

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Check out this article. It might be able to provide you with some insight on why your father-in-law is obsessed with weight. It might have a deeper meaning than you think.

Ten Reasons Why Your Aging Parent May Not Be Eating Properly

Just make sure you provide him the love and support he deserves.
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Sometimes elders are more willing to accept advice from outsiders, especially professionals, than from family membrs.

Perhaps you could explain the situation to his doctor, and get a referral to a registered dietician. As the primary cook in the housefhold, go along to that appointment. The RD is not going to tell him anything you don't already know, but it might be handy to be able to remind him how much protein he needs each day, and how many veggie servings, etc. when he is giving you crazy ideas about his diet.

Good luck!
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