Can POA force one to live with them if they do not want to?


My Uncle has been deemed incompetent for personal care decisions. He is deemed not to be able to live alone and has to have full time care. His Daughter who has P O A wants him to live with her he does not want to live with her he wants to live with me his Neice. She bosses him around and is not nice to him. Can she or anyone else force him to get in her car and be taken to her house if he does not want to go there? She has abandoned him several times before when she gets mad at him but now wants to look after him.

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this reminds me of my aunt , her daughter ( poa ) and myself . aunt ednas daughter was good with business , haggling insurance companies and such ) . edna and i screwed off and had fun like a couple of teenagers . in hindsight the daughter was the best choice for poa . id have had edna in jail in tijuana if we had kept up our routine .
our motto was , " were gonna do whatever we want " .
we both had our niche , poa and i .
edna died a week ago and now poa and i both feel satisfied in a good cop / bad cop kind of way .
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Consider guardianship over your uncle before your cousin does.

If he wants to live with you and you want him to live with you I don't see what the problem is where the daughter is concerned. Do you have other family that can weigh in on this?

If your uncle ends up with you BEWARE of the daughter who has POA. You're going to need her POA at times if you're caring for your uncle. Try to keep things civil.
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