My mom is in Assisted living and is quickly running out of money because of rising rates. I have enough to get her to October 2020 and then need to look at nursing homes. I'm driving myself crazy to figure out if I can get any assistance to fund assisted living for as long as possible. I am searching for cheaper places but most are comparable base rent and level of care. Cost is at about 5,500/month. There is no way I can fund this. Her social security is $815/month. Is there anything I'm missing? I think that once she's in nursing care it will be a quick decline.

In NJ some ALs will take Medicaid after paying privately for at least 2 yrs. It all depends on how many residents the AL allows on Medicaid. Be aware though, if PA allows this Moms SS will go towards her care. She will be allowed a small amt (NJ $50) in a Personnal Needs Acct. (PNA).
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Hi Gigi,
I am going through something very similar with my father. The cost of assisted living is ridiculous and many seniors just don't have the funding to pay for that. My father lived in a low-income independent living apartment. It's actually very nice and he private pays an aide to come in. His rent is based on his income and he pays very little rent. That being said, when he first moved in he was still somewhat independent, but now that he needs and aide almost full time it is becoming very expensive. I'm currently looking at nursing homes to place him in. There are several steps that you should do now-
1) Call your local department of aging. Tell them about your situation and ask about any resources they may have.
2) Speak to an elder care attorney or financial adviser. They can help you plan out what the next steps will be. Note that if your mother will be going to a nursing home and eventually go on medicaid, there are a lot of forms/ documents she will need and the attorney/ adviser can assist with that. You should start getting this information together NOW. Some attorneys will offer a free consultation so you can get an idea of what you need.
3) If you have decided that the next step is a nursing home, then start looking now. Do some research, read reviews, and visit in person. Note that some nursing homes require several months of upfront private pay to get in so you don't want to wait until all her money runs out.
Give yourself a few months to gather info and make decisions. Then decide what to do prior to October 2020. Good luck!
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If she qualifies for SSI then in PA she may be able to get a Medicaid waiver that will help offset the cost of AL. However there is usually a waitlist for these waivers and the AL she is has to accept the waivers. Medicaid in your state will not pay for room & board at an assisted living. might have to move her to a nursing home even if you don’t want to.
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