My Mom has 2 very small insurance policies that will not completely cover funeral expenses, does not own a home, and the very little in savings is disappearing - due to medical bills. We live in NYC and I have 3 scenarios that I have been wondering/worrying about: (1) If she passes away while still living at home I assume family members are responsible for costs not covered by the amount of insurance. (2) If she goes in a nursing home under medicaid and passes away while living there, what assistance or allowance does medicaid make. (3) If she signs a funeral arrangement/contract, then goes in a nursing home on medicaid, will medicaid continue to allow her to pay off the contract. Appreciate any insight.

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need information on how could we perchase funeral services for our mom in puerto rico for future she 83 years old . is thier a mothly plan we could purchase?
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you may want to look into a basic pre-paid cremation policy-if everyone involved is comfortable with that. Not sure if every state offers this but in Illinois there is a cremation society. I am in arrangments now for my self to do a prr-paid for less that $700. Like I said this is very basic-no funeral-no memorial -no casket-a basic urn. I am doing this cause I can use the payout from my life insurance policy and you may want to look into that also to pre-pay
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If your Mom passes away at home, family would be responsible to pay for funeral. If she goes in NH and is approved by Medicaid; Medicaid will allow for a pre-paid funeral of up to $8,000 I believe. And also will allow for additional $1,500 which is pre-paid and this is a burial account for headstone, etc. If you prepay the funeral and have life insurance as well, you would have to turn over the life insurance to Medicaid upon passing. You have to pay for the contract on the spot, as far as I know.

We just paid $9,000 recently for a relative - funerals are so expensive. Many people are opting now for cremation as it is much cheaper - think about 3,000 or so. This option is not for everyone, but just a thought. I consulted an attorney regarding many questions I had - there was no charge for the first consultation; think most lawyers do this. They have the up to date information on medicaid, etc. Take care.
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I'm not sure what you mean by small insurance policies since everything is relative. But I will share with you 2 stories of funerals, I shall keep them brief.
1) Close friend had a 14 month final illness. He was 40 years old and his immigrant wife had no skills no money and 2 children to take care of. By the end there was nothing. To help out, I called oh so many funeral homes and cemeteries. The family purchased 3 plots (one for his Mother who was ill as well); had a brief viewing-- maybe an hour or so; and the burial. The entire bill was under $6000. Trust me EVERYTHING is negotiable.
2) Another friend's Mom passed away. She truly had NO assets and was in NH on medicaid at the passing. A plot had already been purchased for her when her husband had passed away. There was NO Viewing or use of funeral home. There was a church service. The bill was over $9000!
Final thought, my friend mentioned a funeral home that she had been to 3 times in the past year. It wasn't in her town and she couldn't understand why everyone was using it. She finally asked and and her friend said she called 10 funeral homes and this one gave the best price!
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