Any recommendations for my 79 mom visiting from Italy. I would like to do a OT consultation, I noticed her balance has got worst. Her Dr in Italy did some testing and all was negative but I would like an OT consult to measure her strength and balance.

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Thank you all! Your answers were very helpful
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We have friends whose mother came to visit from Italy and decided she wanted to stay (illegally). She saw that her kids & grands received free medical care, and did not understand that they were poor *citizens* who had medicaid. She went to the ER and racked up a huge bill. People who are not citizens must pay the full freight. If you have the money to pay for these tests and doctors, that would be a blessing. There are many people who come here from overseas and self pay for the quality of our doctors and surgical facilities. (The mother eventually went home to Italy, but not until their church made a huge effort to raise some money towards her bill.)
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I was told by home health to get the best results to do both PT and OT at the same time.

Ask primary care doctor to write an order for home health.

It really does add strength and balance.

Best wishes.
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Shane1124 Jan 7, 2020
OP’s mother is visiting from Italy. Most likely she doesn’t have a PCP here.

Home care requires a doctors order to determine the patients needs. In this case the OP will need to establish a relationship with a PCP here for the order. Tests in Italy did not provide a reason.

Thus the OP will have to pay out of pocket for any services received by a HC professional. Any doctor taking her on (mother from Italy) will most likely run a bevy of diagnostic testing on the mom if the MD is to assume care as the HC provider knows nothing of the person’s history. Those costs too will need to be paid OOP.
Her balance has got worse compared to when? And how long ago did she land? - changes in air pressure, plus the cold viruses you can pick up on planes, could have done her inner ears no good. Plus, of course, she was stuck sitting on a plane for all those hours. If she's only just arrived I should give it a few days and see if she perks up.
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Contact a home health care provider and ask them how to do a self pay OT consultation.
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