New Orleans Band - any suggestions for an authentic New Orleans funeral?


My father wants a New Orleans style band (or other group that knows that kind of music style) to play When the Saints go Marching in at his funeral. Funeral director and I aren't sure where to find a band up here in Michigan that's familiar with the style of the NO funerals. This might be needed in a few days. Any suggestions? Anyone done this before? Iggy, do you know of any bands in Michigan that could be available, possibly in a few days?

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I've been listening to various versions of a closer walk with thee before bedtime this week 

I came across a Scandinavian band from the 1970s donned in Viking outfits which gave me a laugh and one of my favorites was a Dutch group with a female drummer.  Also, there's a rather long version on YouTube by a Japanese group where a young cornet player from New Orleans joined their session - turns out she is from a long line of jazz musicians 

Thinking of you
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Blessings, Garden
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So sorry to just now hear of your Father passing.
Sorry for your loss of your father, a fine man.

Carry on with that celebration you have planned, as you mourn his absence.

We are here for you.
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As I was reading through Gardens post I was remembering good times in NO. I was thinking about the Court of Two Sisters and the jazz brunch from the 70’s!!
Good memories.

I have a dear friend who is on hospice now from Alzheimer’s. In the early 80s she and another friend and I all went to NO for a weekend. I have a picture of her up in the “saints” line marching through the hall. She was in her 60s. Met a man from Hawaii who was vacationing there. She had a relationship with him for a couple of years commuting to Hawaii.
Recently while visiting with our dying friends son, our friend and I started talking about how much fun that trip was. Son, now in his 60s was amazed at all he didn’t know about his mother. I plan to share your idea with him for his mother’s celebration.

I remember from that trip visiting the Nahan art gallery where the story around a painting entitled “No More Sparks Under the Horses Hooves” became a reoccurring theme in our friendship.

Good music, wonderful food and art.
A memorable city to visit and remember. Much to draw from to celebrate your fathers life. He chose well.
You are a sweet daughter to make it happen. We are all with you. Hugs
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I'll be looking for that CD 

A trip to New Orleans sounds like a lot of fun

Is court of two sisters still serving soft shell crab?
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Update: got my Preservation Hall "Marching Down Bourbon Street"CD yesterday and am listening to it now. WOW!

MsMadge, the first song on the CD is A Closer Walk with Thee - your suggestion was soooo perfect. It has the right blend of upbeat, beautifully played music, and a religious theme but not maudlin like some of the organ music that's so depressing.

That was a great suggestion!

Send, I appreciate your suggestions; I'll comment on them later as I'm in a hurry to go to the SNF right now.

I had forgotten how sweet Jazz played well can be. I'm beginning to think about a trip to NOLA, to sit on the floor at the Preservation Hall and just mellow out to the music.

Iggy, is Maison Blanche still a fixture - they had the best mints I've ever had. Keep your schedule open; I might be visiting you!

Thanks again to all.

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Tent Revival
Bill and Gloria Gaither
When the Saints Go Marching In

1 I’m just a weary pilgrim,
Plodding thru this world of sin;
Getting ready for that city
When the saints go marching in.
When the saints go marching in,
When the saints go marching in;
Lord I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in.
2 My father loved the Savior,
What a soldier he had been!
But his steps will be more steady
When the saints go marching in. [Refrain]
3 And mother, may God bless her,
I can see her now, as then;
With a robe of white around her
When the saints go marching in. [Refrain]
4 Up there I'll see the Savior
Who redeemed my soul from sin,
With extended hands He'll greet me
When the saints go marching in. [Refrain]

Source: Singing Revival #23
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Iggy, Barnes and Noble has 2 Preservation Hall CDs, one of which is Marching Down Bourbon Street and has the Saints. Wow - am I lucky today! It's on sale for $5.00; I'll pick it up tomorrow, along with another PH CD which I'll buy just for me. Only about a 15 minute drive and it'll be all mine!
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Support and love for your celebration plans for your Dad.
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Iggy, checking right now; will update you in a few.

Barb, Daughter, Sue, and Windy, thanks so much for your concern and support. It really means a lot to me to know that I'm not on this path alone.

Sue, your post reminded me of when my sister lived in NO, I visited, and we went to the Preservation Hall, sat on the floor and fell in love with the music. What an experience! I had completely forgotten about the Hall.

I've just called Preservation Hall and am e-mailing one of the coordinators, although I doubt that their schedule would allow for a one time stop in Michigan. But....guess what? They have samples of their music on their website and one is of the Saints! Now, if only I can figure out what I did with the speakers for the computer.....

Back in a little bit, and thanks so much to everyone!
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