Do I need to file a final tax return for deceased mom?

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Mom passed away last month. Only income was Social Security and a small Federal pension. She would usually get a refund of taxes taken out of the pension. Do I need to file a final tax return? There is no executor. I was POA.

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POA expires on death. Is there a will? 

More information is available in the Form 1040 Instructions, in Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax, and in IRS Publication 559, Survivors, Executors and Administrators. If the decedent has not done so, you may also have to file individual income tax returns for years preceding the year of death.Nov 15, 2017  If there is no will this will end up in court with an executor appointed.  When someone dies if they owe any money to anyone their will be a claim filed against the estate. POA is no longer valid.
You need to prepare a return to determine if you need to file, i.e., whether income is such that it's taxable.

Form 1310 used to be the form used to get a refund for someone who is deceased. But do check out the IRS 1040 instructions, or search on the IRS website.
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Yes, a tax return is filed in the year of death, unless her income is so low that she doesn't meet the requirements. In that case, you may still want to file a tax return to get a refund of the taxes withheld on the pension. If last year's tax return shows -0- tax due, there is probably no requirement to file a return this year.
Thank you for the tips, everyone. There is no executor, no will. She did not have much, I'll check the IRS forms quoted here.
If you prefer to talk with a human,you could stop by an IRS office or call them. Perhaps call soon before tax season is in full swing.
Was your Mom filing every year. My Mom was told by IRS aft Dad died she no longer had to file. Her income was 20k, 18k was SS, 2k was her pension. I spoke to my tax person and was told I don't need to file. Mom died in Sept.
There are humans?

At an IRS Office?
Sendhelp: :-) Yup. bpositive3: Likely you'll find them helpful, or at least I hope that's your experience if you stop by.
File. You may get a refund given deductions for medical expenses.
Any cost that were involved taking her to the doctor or hospital are deductible as well. (Probably on your taxes if you paid or provided the travel)

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