My wife we can't afford to pay for my wife's oxygen they are probably going to come and pick it up any day now because we're like two months behind. I was let go of my job in the middle of December and her Medicare only pays for a certain portion of it we make too much to get extra help on Medicare but not enough to pay for all my prescriptions and doctors and the oxygen. Are there any programs out there that help?

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I am so sorry to hear this, Taurusfry. I think if I were in your position I would first go to your county's website and look for the phone number for the Area Agency on Aging (might have a slightly different name). I see from your profile that your wife is only 39 but still I would start there as she is obviously disabled. Hopefully you would be able to get information about the possibility of assistance. No one wants someone's oxygen taken away.

Another thought I'm having is checking the website of any charity or non-profit connected to your wife's condition, the Salvation Army, any local charity (in my area the major newspapers fundraise at Christmas times for charities that needy people can apply to all year; could be worth a shot) or church.

I sure hope there is an answer for you and your wife.
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