im 25 years old man, I still live in my family house where my sisters 5,6 years old and me living with our mother.
her main problem that she think that there are a group of doctors who are trying to take her life, and sometime kidnapping my sister, and in mostly every detail I tell her about my work colleges, she connect them into her story, and she tell me that I have to be careful, life is getting harder everyday and I really really need some help, perhaps youre questioning, why I didn't ask the doctors help, HER MAIN PROBLEM is that, the doctors will kill her, witch makes it so hard for me, I am writing this while she is talking, I feel that I lost her, and also myself... please help me...

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Ghousch, sounds like your Mom might have an urinary tract infection [UTI] which will create some very strange behaviors in some people. If you can, take Mom to an urgent care facility [I know she doesn't like doctors] and they can do a urine test. If it turns out to be an UTI, that can be corrected with antibiotics.

Or the next time she is really out of it, and acting this way for hours, call 911 and have her taken to the hospital, where the hospital will run batteries of test. Have a neighbor or friend watch your sisters, while you go to the hospital with Mom.
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