It invokes POA not allowing my husband or I being able to see my mother. The POA is getting worst and worst. First I could not see my mom and then she allowed me and my attorney said my husband also to see her once a week with another person in the room with us. She has accused us of talking bad about the pow. Saturday my husband and I went to see her and the cnn that came that day starts automaticly texting my sister POA mt sister told her my husband was not to be there. Only thing he has been there before with me and no problem it scence took place in front of my mom. Very unprofessional. A nurse came in talking in a very rude voice that he had to leave and he was not allied on the premise. The lady that was listening to us continued to text my sister POA . And told him he was not to be there but my husband nor I have ever seen these papers. He told them that did not seem right because we knew other people in the home and he felt his rights had been vaulated. Meanwhile I had to tell my mom I needed to go and she ask me if I could take her to the doctor. The POA will not allow me to do anything except visit once a week for an hour and with someone else listening and writing what we say down.i had to tell her I could not. I have always taken my mom shopping, to the doctor and etc. This has taken a toll on me and my mom. But a few months ago the pow had her hospiltiized and she remembers very little now. Just now I am glad in a way she does not. I am having a very hard time with this. When she went into this place she was tricked because she had wanted to go to another place. The POA has taken the money that was to be used for her and now she has none. But then again my mom and dad appointed her first poa. Now she is considered incompetent and I feel they lyies.. When she went into the home she was not. It has been a very long year and I had attorney but now it has been put on hold until August. The POA had accusations and I have found evidence that she was lying. I want a lawyer that will do all he can to show what kind of person she really is. I wAnt her lyies to come out. And I know most people say they hate to see families do this. But to me it is not family anymore. It's my sister getting away with things because she can with this POA. So if u can recommend a really strong down to the point lawyer in Arkansas I need him. Thank you

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To find an Elder Law attorney in your area, go up to the dark blue bar near the top of this page... far right you will see MONEY & LEGAL, click on that.... a drop down menu will appear, now click on ELDER LAW.... now you will see a box where you can type in your zip code. I found my Elder Law attorney that way and she's been outstanding.
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