She is barely eating and drinking. Home health starts today. I'm trying to take care of my own health, and I feel as if I'm a terrible daughter. I stay 4-5 sometimes more to take care of my mom, dad and my lazy brother. My mom is 80.

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See a gastroenterologist. C-Diff can literally kill and as a nurse I saw it do so often. Do check out a GI consult with a doctor willing to consider fecal transplant. It often works miraculously and almost overnight. This is a step they may take if the medication ordered is ineffective.
Again, C-Diff can kill. You need to gather all the info you can including info online about fecal transplant. I have known patients so desperate that they have done their own after cancer treatments put them in this territory. I am not recommending that, just saying that the desperation can be terrible.
There is no holding onto a C-diff stool. It is explosive. It causes wasting. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. We don't take seriously enough the worst outcome that can happen with treatment for cancers, with antibiotics. Get all the info you can. See a gastroenterologist.
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