He does not like the walker. Does he have Dementia because he does not like the walker?  Should I hire caregivers because he does not use the walker sometimes. It is expensive to have caregivers what should I do? We cannot afford it.

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Mom kept telling me that she didn’t need a walker. I knew that she did. Falls are ugly in the elderly. Mom still fell with her walker but it was usually because she was trying to do something she thought she could still do and couldn’t.

Walkers provide more stability and security and once mom started using it, she liked it. Get the one with the seat. Get it through Medicare if you can. With Humana insurance it was only $14 dollars. It’s a nice rolling walker with a seat.

I had the nurse tell my mom about a walker when I saw the cane wasn’t providing enough stability for her.
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Simply because a person refuses to use a walker doesn’t mean they are suffering from dementia; unless you’ve seen other signs, in which case he needs to see his doctor for a diagnoses. Walkers are bulky and everyone sees you with one when you’re using one. It’s says, “I can’t walk by myself! I need help! There’s something wrong with me!” To some men, it means they’re “less of a man”.

Explain your husband that without the walker, there’s a really good chance he will fall. You cannot and will not help him get up. You will need to call the rescue squad. They’ll send out a bunch of guys to come get him off the floor. If he hurts himself, he’ll have to go to the hospital. If he REALLY hurts himself, he could wind up in a wheelchair. There will be hospital and doctor bills. You might need home health care and he might need physical therapy. Ask him if it wouldn’t be easier just to use the darned walker.
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Is he of sound mind? Sometimes it’s just a matter of being stubborn. I used to tell my dad the worst-case scenarios of not using his walker. I can’t say that it made a huge difference but it was important to me that his decision was well informed. Unless your husband has been deemed incompetent he has the right to make his own decisions, even the bad ones. Remind him that he will also have to live with the consequences. There is only so much you can do. Professional caregivers are expensive and they can’t prevent a fall either. Are you concerned for times when he is alone? Might be more economical to have a life alert button. There’s a lot of similar companies with varying prices and options.

No matter, I am sorry you’re going through this. I completely understand how frustrating and upsetting it is. You just want him safe. Hoping for good things for both of you.
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I think that it could be a vanity thing, my dad was adamant about not using a walker. Only because it made him look old.

You can always explain to hubby what it will look like if he takes a fall and gets a broken bone or head.

Emergency room, hospitalized, rehabilitated and then a long term care facility because he is a fall risk and he refuses to do what is required to keep both of you safe.

Sometimes outlining what the consequences are can help, sometimes not, but you will be able to proceed with no guilt because he was told that he would be going to a facility if he fell and got injured.

I would not pick him up if he does fall. This could injure you and that is not acceptable. His choice but his consequences.
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