My husband is a 60% disabled veteran with heart valve disease. I am disabled since 2002. We need assistance with mowing.


We need assistance with the mowing and upkeep of our property, especially our yards. Neither of us able to do it ourselves. We need someone to cut our grass (about 2 acres), maybe every two to three weeks. We have no one to help us nor the money to pay for what it might cost for a yard service to do it. We need help and advice. My husband is 80 years old retired from military 1980.

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Is your husband registered with the VA for medical care? If not, start working on that. Once he's registered, he might be eligible for more assistance, but I believe that anything related to home care and upkeep would probably be more like adaptive services.

A 2 acre yard is quite large, even for someone who's not older. Is it realistic to consider moving, or perhaps even selling a portion of the acreage (unless it's in use as a garden or something else)? A smaller property would lower your property taxes, which could free up funds for maintenance of a smaller size yard.
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Dear cowheartjohn,

Sorry to hear of your health conditions. I would check with your church or local town office. Hopefully a kind neighbor or trusted friends or family members can also step in to help. If not, hopefully a volunteer organization in the community is willing to help out with seniors housekeeping and yard work. I would check with a social worker and see what options are available.
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