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Ask around for suggestions...Ask neighbors, friends, relatives, the mailman, etc. Drive around if you can and see what is up for rent. Also get the newspaper and look for apartments available.
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Adilah, your profile doesn't indicate where you live, so no one could really help you locate an apartment.     What I would do is contact agencies, local and state, as well as realtors, to identify senior living apartments.   Some counties have lists of groups that help elders; some states have agencies.

Do online searches for one floor apartments in your area, and realtors who handle apartment referrals.   Contact Senior Centers and ask if they have any referral information.  Sometimes they can recommend a particular facility; this has been my experience.  

Ask the Senior Centers also if they have "Senior Expos."   These are free, open to the public events in which marketers and providers of services to seniors rent a booth and provide information to those who attend.   I take a small rolling luggage cart and collect information which I read over at my leisure.   There often are realtors at these expos, providing information on senior living.

This is a big search effort, so make sure you don't try to do it all at one time, as it will be frustrating and overwhelming.  

Good luck, and if you need further information or guidance, feel free to post again.
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Zillow or
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I think you have the wrong forum. We are caregivers that share our experiences. We live all over the US, Canada and UK.

I would start with a realtor where you live. If income is a problem maybe a nice Senior building that rent is done on scale. They usually require 30% of ur monthly income. As said, your Office of Aging maybe able to help.
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Most apartments only have one floor. Go rent one, or provide more info.
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Without providing any information but your first name, I think the answer is no. This website is for caregivers or care receivers. It's not an apartment rental service. But if you are elderly, you can contact your local area's Council on Aging as they have resources and information. Or call your county's social services for info on Section 8 housing.
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