My heart function is 15% is there any medication that will help?

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Please help me my legs and stomach are swelled.

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Are you on a water pill? Have you called your doctor?

Perhaps consider going to the ER or urgent care.
This is not a medical forum. Go to urgent care or the emergency room.

Something's very amiss here. If you know your ejection fraction is 15%. you had to have had someone in a medical office test and draw that conclusion. Who told you the EJ is 15%?

Typically, that would be the point at which a doctor would suggest and/or prescribe a medicine, or advise you what your options are. That might have included a diuretic such as Lasix or Bumex.

Didn't this happen?
VINOSH;YOU MUST HAVE Water pill and can you manage Any physical therapy sounds like you should be in a hospital and on maybe more heart meds SAD to hear it wish you the best of luck!
We are not doctors here. Please work with your doctor

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