My dad has slurred speech and hallucinations, but it comes and goes. Any suggestions? -

My dad has slurred speech and hallucinations, but it comes and goes. Any suggestions?


My dad is 71, but suffered a massive stroke at the early age of 43. He actually recovered well and then had a double stroke a couple years ago. It was then that they discovered he has COPD. He’s been in and out of specialist appointments and hospitals. He was admitted recently a couple times, one of them for the hallucinations. They thought it was Chantix that was causing them so they took him off of it. At that time the hallucinations had stopped so I really wish they didn’t take him off the Chantix because none of us thought that was the cause. He went home and a few days later (just yesterday morning) he called me having a hallucination. Thankfully my mom was there and he came out of it okay. He ended up having a really good day. He was able to get outside with assistance and sat and enjoyed the outdoors. The neighbors came over to visit with him and he loved it. He hasn’t had a hallucination since, which is great. But... the past few days he has had slurred speech and been slow to answer, but it’s been on and off. One minute he's really sharp and talks pretty normal, and other times he's slow to answer and almost sounds like he’s drunk (and he doesn’t drink). However, he answers me back appropriately and is rather witty. He just says he’s relaxed. I don’t know if I buy it. My mom is rather timid and kind of just goes with the flow. It’s very frustrating because they don’t have enough money to make their budget as my mom was laid off and I’m working with a local community/government organization to assure that they don’t struggle financially. Otherwise I’d say we get him a part time care nurse... but we can’t afford it and neither can they. If anyone has any suggestions as to where these hallucinations could be coming from or about the slurred speech, please let me know. I can provide the name of his meds if need be. Thank you!



I would agree with TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) as a possible cause. They're like mini-strokes that can be intermittent and appear to go away, along with the symptoms. But their effects build up over time. Is he on a blood thinner to prevent more strokes?
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Are you in the US, Mandolina? Have you considered looking into Medicaid for your dad?

If you look up Slurred Speech Medical, and Hallucinations in the Elderly, you will see that these conditions can be associated with plenty of different causes! Has Dad been tested for a uti? Is he on any new medications?
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Or transient ischemic attacks. Has he had an ultrasound of his carotid arteries? That too can cause intermittent slurred speech. If you can, have him see his neurologist.
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Slurred speech is a stroke symptom. I think from your post that the slurred speech is new since his last doctor/hospital visit?
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Could be he has a UTI, or even had another stroke.
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